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Children's Music by Danny Schwartz

Amazing Day at XM Kids with Keith Munslow

     It all started a few weeks ago when DC children's music superstar, Cathy Fink, forwarded me an email recommending me to national kids artist Keith Munslow. Keith hails from Providence, RI and has been a performer of children's music for many years. In celebration of his new album release "Tiny Destroyer", Keith was booked to perform live at XM Studios as part of Kids Place Live's Rumpus Room series.

    Though we wouldn't have a chance to meet or perform, Keith and I spoke on the phone and he sent me a collection of his tunes to learn. I practicing them at home with my electronic drum kit and couldn't help but think of great these polkas, reggae, and hip hop tunes sounded when using various drum patches. 

      The morning show was amazing and it was very nostalgic to roam the halls of Sirius XM Radio more then a decade after having been an intern there. The show though mildly attended have a vibrant audience that sang, laughed, and shouted along as Keith led them on a musical journey. 

Danny, with Mindy Thomas the host of Kids Place Live and Keith Munslow

Danny, with Mindy Thomas the host of Kids Place Live and Keith Munslow

      It was a truly memorable morning with a new friend. I appreciate the admiration of Cathy for thinking of me for the job and am really looking forward to an chance to share the stage with Keith again soon. 

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