Can Danny come out and play?

Children's Music by Danny Schwartz

Danny Schwartz is a life long musician born and raised in the Washington DC area. Danny has played in bands of nearly every genre. The one he takes the most enjoyment from is playing music for kids. From 2010-2012, Danny played children's music character Ryan Buckle. Ryan's songs educated and familiarized  young children with basic science concepts using a combination of songs and simple experiments. 

Danny has also performed as a side man for other children's superstars like Barry Louis Polisar, Robbie Schaefer, The Grandsons Jr., Keith Munslow, and the mighty Rocknoceros. When Danny is not performing music for children and adults, he can be found at Jammin’ Java, Union Stage, and The Miracle Theater where he serves as Production Manager.  

Danny's adult music can still be found for big kids from time to time. His previous bands include:

  • Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra (Celtic)

  • The Justin Trawick Group (Urban Folk Rock)

  • Stripmall Ballads (Folk)

  • One Horse Town (Country)

  • Sir Alan & The Calypso Ponzi Schemers

  • The Princes of Hollywood (Alt Pop) 

  • The United Jumbo Band (Eclectic)

  • Ketzev (Klezmer)

and backing Singer Songwriters:

Margot MacDonald, Robbie Schaefer, Molly Hagen, Adrian Krygowski, Alex Vans, and Luke Brindley, among others.

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